How it Works

How Power Swabs Work

Organic and Inorganic Stains

Organic and Inorganic Stains Accumulate Deep Between Enamel Rods

Power Swabs Penetrate Immediately

Power Swabs Penetrate Immediately Where Thick Gels and Pastes Can’t.

Eliminates Sensitivity

Power Swabs Whitening Liquid Hydrates Enamel, Eliminates Sensitivity

Stains Are Lifted Away Through the Laws of Mass Action Cleaning

Stains Are Lifted Away Through the Laws of Mass Action Cleaning

In Just Minutes, Teeth are Cleaner

In Just Minutes, Teeth are Cleaner, Whiter And With Zero Sensitivity

How To Open A Power Swab

Dr. Martin Giniger's Power Swabs are conveniently designed to give you the ultimate home teeth whitening experience at a professional level with ease. In teeth whitening reviews, customers give high marks to our sleek swab design, freeing them from messy whitening strips and annoying trays.

Step One

Step 1

Support tube body with one hand and firmly pinch the rim with the other hand initiating the break.

Step Two

Step 2

Bend stick back and forth lightly.

Step Three

Step 3

Separate the swab from the tube and apply.

Power Swabs are easy to use! First run a Stain-Out Swab over your teeth in a circular motion for two minutes. This removes deep stains from the teeth and also helps to re-hydrate the enamel. Wait 30 seconds, then repeat with the White Swab for another two minutes. And you're done! (Avoid eating, drinking or rinsing for 30 minutes after use.)